• On July 1, 1958, Pacific Union School District, a district comprised of a single school, was formed through the legal process of consolidation, whereby three small school districts--Bowles, Oleander, and University Colony combined to make one larger district.

    Pacific Union School is located approximately twelve miles southeast of Fresno, California. The area is considered rural and is devoted almost entirely to agricultural products, and the community population is a blend of differing cultures and lifestyles. Most of the students in the District come to school via a school bus transportation system that encompasses approximately twenty-two square miles.

    Pacific Union School's colors are black and white; the Pacific Union mascot is the skunk; and Pacific Union's teams are known as the Pacific Union "Skunkers".

    Pacific Union's mission is to prepare all students to function as informed, productive citizens; to achieve success in the work environment; and to realize personal fulfillment. Among Pacific Union's major goals are that students will reach high levels of academic and social achievement; have high self-esteem both as learners and as persons; be able to utilize higher level thinking skills; be good problem solvers, communicators, and decision makers; be competent in group processes; be accountable for their own behavior; be self-directed learners; and have concern for others. Toward that end, Pacific Union provides its students a planned, developmental program with an articulated, systematic progression from TK/kindergarten to grade eight.

    To fulfill its mission, Pacific Union School is committed to maintaining a school climate that is conducive to learning: one that is safe, orderly, and free of disruptions stemming from discipline problems and vandalism. Pacific Union recognizes that the success of its educational mission depends upon the cooperative efforts of parents, students, school, and community.

    It is the policy of the Pacific Union School District Board of Trustees and its employees to strive for constant improvement in the school's educational program, to promote optimum student development and learning, and to provide efficient and effective school management consistent with proper expenditures of public funds. Toward these ends, the Board has pledged itself to remain responsive to the residents of Pacific Union District.